Hi, I am Lusan Das

I am a Frontend Engineer with over 5 years of experience building amazing products from scratch. I also write about technologies I learn from time to time. I started my career in IBM, but soon I realised I wanted to explore the world of startups. Hence I joined my first startup FindYogi that changed my career forever.

In FindYogi, I got a great mentor who taught me the relevance of writing good code and learnt a lot of Javascript along the way. Being in an e-commerce startup, my work really pushed me to learn and build amazing frontend. Eventually we went on to get aquired by way2online, where I played a key role during the aquisition process.
Find More details here FindYogi aquired by Way2Online.

Soon after that I went on to join another startup LifeCare Health (earlier LifCare), where I was the first engineer. After a year of building products from scratch like Desktop and mobile site, CRM, Order management tool and many other, we eventually raised a funding of 11 million USD. This was a fairytale journey indeed.
Find more details here LifCare raises 11 million USD

Eventually, I went on to join unicorn e-commerce startup Paytm, where I introduced efficient techniques using Redux. I also helped in impoving the page load time, by introducing efficient service worker strategies and revamped various important pages from scratch creating positive impact on millions of users.
Find more details here Paytm Mall Gains Unicorn Status: Raises $445 Mn Funding From SoftBank, Alibaba

During all these years, I went on to learn a lot of web technologies like HTML, CSS, React.js, Redux, Javascript, Webpack, Express.js, Node.js, Rxjs, jQuery and various others.

Apart from building amazing products, I am also a staff writer for freeCodeCamp, LogRocket, Codeburst, Noteworthy and a speaker as well. I love giving back to the community the technologies I learn through blogs or tech talks using interactive demos.